Dan Public Sales August 2021

Below I have analysed all public Dan transactions (sales and lease starts)during August 2021.

Huge thanks to Dan.com for supporting my work and to Alvin Brown for encouraging me to keep doing these breakdowns and introducing me to Data Studio.

Highlights (and last month comparissions):

  • 3903 public sales UP 409
  • Highest sale of the month a .com $255,420
  • Tuesday was the best day for sales, Saturday the worst
  • The top 10 sales are .com .com .com .co .com .com .io. com .com .com
  • .com responsible for 69.8% of sales (2723)
  • .nl and .co.uk are joint 2nd with 118 sales each
  • 149 different tld sales in total UP 13
  • Average sale $942 UP $170
  • Median sale steady at $250

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